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Playa del Carmen experience a new housing boom

The area has 30% more investment than there were last year, according to experts.

The city lives a second boom real estate in accordance with agents of real estate and specialists in the subject, as are near to the term of construction around thousand departments.


This boom is compares to which had the destination in the Decade last and is must to an investment calculated in 2016 of approximately 400 million of dollars, that means an increase of the 30% of investment in comparison with the year last.

Wilberth Gutiérrez Álvarez, President of the Mexican Association of real estate industry, said that reports of progress are taken into these buildings, an average of 40%.

One of the points where the expansion and growth of real estate, is evident is at Fifth Avenue on the north side, where has begun the construction of at least 100 departmental units.

Gutiérrez Álvarez, said that what remains of 2016 investment will continue, due to the need to expand further the offer; about the rises of the price of the dollar, mentioned that this sector is keeps without changes with regard to the fluctuation of them costs.


Vía: Novedades Quintana Roo

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