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Billion of pesos a year are invested in Playa del Carmen

The private initiative has kept the commercial and real estate sector of the destination.

Private investment in the last three years has averaged about one billion dollars annually, one of the main periods in the commercial and real estate sector that Solidaridad has had.

“In 2014 there were around $1.5 billion announced for various projects; Some of these were completed in 2015 and some even this year, but other projects that are just under way or in execution have been coming out and could be completed this year, so we have an average of one billion, “said Eduardo Morentín Ocejo, director of Environmental and Urban Ordination.

20150526_135303It is estimated that out of every 15 construction licenses that are processed in a week, about seven, representing 40%, are concentrated in the center zone; according to the official real estate projects are distributed in condominiums and commercial or both.

In the downtown area, the detonation of real estate projects, which are erected on land that barely one, two or three years ago were vacant lots, wooded areas or even small businesses, is evident.

a43960fa-b752-4914-a848-6e7a25ff56bcVía: Novedades Quintana Roo.

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