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New extension of Kukulkan Ave in Tulum are great news!

Improved Tulum Lifestyle

After many years of legal procedures, the Kukulcan Avenue extension in Tulum has been approved and will soon reach all the way to the beach. This is fantastic news for investors who have bought land or real estate in Tulum, because there will now be two ways to access the beach road.

The beach road access that already exists at the beginning of town when you are coming into Tulum from Playa del Carmen, which has always been the only access road, will remain open, but now there will also be access from Kukulcan Avenue at the other end of town running through La Veleta. This will ease traffic on the beach road, as there will soon be two entries and exits, resulting in a much better flow of traffic.

“The extension will help ease traffic congestion around the Hotel Zone,” stated Elsy Juanita Pinkney Toledano, who serves as director of planning in Tulum.


This is also great news for investors who already own real estate in the area, or who are thinking about investing in downtown Tulum, as well as in the La Veleta and Holistika areas of town, because they will now enjoy direct access to the beach road, which means visitors will no longer have to go all the way back through town to reach the prime Tulum beachfront real estate that draws people from around the world to Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

According to a map of the beach in Tulum, the road has been moved a little more to the south than originally planned, so it will connect with Boca Paila (the beach road) and avoid destroying the gorgeous mangrove. Pinkney Toledo said that after many applications that were not successful, this plan has finally been approved by the federal government.

There will be 4km of new asphalt road, which will help handle the 7,000-plus cars that use the Tulum – Boca Paila road each season. There will also be new time and weight restrictions for delivery vehicles, which will do even more to help ease the traffic flow.

All along Boca Paila, the Tulum beach resorts and hotel zone, there are also a variety of restaurants and shops opening, so the Kukulkan Avenue extension was a necessary progression for the town of Tulum and is great news for investors, who can see that each day Tulum is expanding and improving to accommodate an ever-growing number of visitors.


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