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Property Management For Owners Foreigners

Investing in real estate in Riviera Maya is advantageous on so many levels. Investors have access to great rental income, rapidly appreciating real estate prices and growth, a hedge against inflation, diversification for your investment portfolio and as real estate is a “hard asset,” it provides capital protection since land and property retain value independent of the nominal value of paper currencies and fluctuating markets.

As a foreigner who has invested in property in Riviera Maya, you might not always be available to handle your property or you might be living in a different part of the world and you still want to make as much money from your investment in Riviera Maya.

This is where we come into the equation, since we own several properties in Riviera Maya, we understand how important it is to get updated information on your investment. With the level of growth in Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen, more and more people are moving into the area and this is why property management is important for someone who is not in the area to handle things by themselves.

We would keep your property in top shape and even do small activities such as watering plants, changing faulty bulbs and light repairs around the property. We can let you choose the services you want and our professionals with several years of experience will be there to handle your special needs, this type of service also helps you reduce cost.

The services we offer are extensive and comprehensive, here are some of the services we offer to our clients;

  • Communication with the client through email or phone.
  • Weekly visits to the property(s)
  • Supervision of contractors
  • Supervisions of any ongoing services
  • Watering of plants during visits
  • Paying annual homeowner dues
  • Minor repairs
  • Paying annual property taxes and trust fees
  • Cleaning windows
  • Pool or spa cleaning and chemicals
  • Gardening and trimming of lawn
  • Getting rid of pest and weed control
  • Paying of basic utility bills such as water, electricity, gas, and phone.

All of these and more. Our objective is so that our clients can have peace of mind while they are away from their property knowing that they are getting the highest quality services which they desire.

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