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10 Things to do in Cozumel

If you are planning to come to Riviera Maya and making a top ten list that you can’t miss in your visit, we suggest some of the activities that locals and foreigners love to do when exploring the island Cozumel.

First of all, you have to know that you can either rent a car or arrive by ground transportation to Playa del Carmen, where is the pier to take a ferry for Cozumel. Many people think that can arrive by car, but no! is an island, you should take one of the plenty options to cross the sea (about 30 minutes) to get to Cozumel.

  1. Once you are there, if you come in couple (friend or your loved one) we suggest to rent a scooter or a buggy, they are perfect to discover the whole island at your own pace. Also, If you check in Google Maps there are a lot of reefs to snorkel or dive so, is matter to choose the ones you want to explore and rent the equipment there. The best season is from March to May, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the year is not ok to see wonderful species like barracudas, turtles, stingrays, etc.
  2. Take the sun in the turquoise beaches. Palancar and playa Paraiso are waiting for you with their crystal waters and white sand to lay down and enjoy the peaceful sound of the waves while taking a deserved nap (after a cold Corona beer  and some guacamole of course!).
  3. Visit the museum of cozumel get to know about the local culture and history, you will be surprise to visit here.
  4. Explore the ruins San Gervasio the mayan culture left also a heritage in this part of the earth, take a look!
  5. Enjoy the gastronomy, K’ooben Lab is an italian gem in the town! you must visit this small spot that is hosted by a young talented italian women that always innovate with delicious creations with super accesible prices to eat like in heaven. She also worked for Enrique Olvera, one of the best chef’s in Mexico in PUJOL his restaurant in Mexico City, you have to try it!
  6. Take a mural’s tour. If you are into urban art, Cozumel has been the place to celebrate some mural fest with local and international artists, if you rent a scooter or buggy, you have all the comfort to look for this master pieces.
  7. Walking “Plaza central” is the downtown of the island, where everything is together, you can find restaurants with fresh sea food, artcrafts stores, souvenirs, some artistical monuments and so on, you cannot miss here, since is the same place where the pier is, the ferry will arrive here.
  8. Go to El Cielo. This beach is more special than the others because you can see starfish in the shore, is amazing to visit this spot in cozumel, and we recommend to arrive first to palancar beach, have a nice tan here, and after take the tour from there, since is cheaper and closer than any other point of the island.
  9. Parque Punta Sur. This is the most important ecologic reserve, you can see the lighthouse, the museum of navigation and nice landscapes.
  10. Eat lobster! Cozumel has many options where to eat lobster and the best: cheap prices!
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