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How is living in Riviera Maya?

If you have any short/medium term plan to move to Mexico, maybe are you wondering about the details of how is living in Riviera Maya, well we can share you some tips and info about this.

First of all, you have to know that Riviera Maya is located in a latitude where weather is almost the same the whole year: tropical and a lot of humidity. Perfect for many people that is tired of winter and cloudy-rainy days and excellent for beach days. So, forget about big coats, rain boots, scarfs or anything relating with chilly days, here you can be happy everyday.

But…also consider the heat, if you are not used to hot days a place with AC is a must here, if you are going to rent a condo, house or any kind of property this amenitie is necessary to calm the hottest days down while resting like you deserve.

About people, culture and food. Here in “Peninsula de Yucat√°n” we have a very rich gastronomy based mainly in porc meat, spicy salsas (made out Habanero) and all sort of seasonings for chicken. Based on a mixture of ingredients used by the ancient Maya, which incorporate flavors brought from Europe with later contributions from the Caribbean and Middle East. Take a look here, you can know more about typical dishes Yucatan Travel.

People in Riviera Maya is friendly, we don’t need to know you to say hello or give a smile to our neighbours, Mexican culture is educated like this from our childhood, so be open and integrate to your new culture!

In the matter of mobility, we recommend to rent a car if you will be here for a few weeks, if you choose Playa del Carmen for living you will see that this relaxed city has many bikers, since the eco-friendly mood here is everywhere! is not rare to see people moving by bike. Also, there are many vegan people, so this alimentary movement has a lot of options to offer.





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