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Halloween and Dia de los Muertos in Riviera Maya

Are you wondering what to do in these dates for worldwide Halloween and (this is only mexican) Dia de los Muertos?

If you have seen lately  Disney movie “Coco” you know what we are talking about. Mexico is a very rich country in terms of culture and this next November we have “Dia de los Muertos” celebration, which is an ancient tradition here.

Is really impressive to see how Mexicans celebrate the death, in a good way, that means every year they get together friends and family to remember those beloved ones who have passed away and are honored with “altares” a sort of decoration made out of flowers (cempasuchil specifically) dishes -the ones the person used to like when alive- candy, drinks and even music, everything is set to create an atmosphere of nostalgia and love. November 1st is the day where everybody goes to cementeries and clean the tombs, put the “altares” and some also bring the mariachi to play some music to everybody. Normally you have to stay overnight there to be a way of guard of the tomb and talk about their memories of that person.

Visiting Riviera Maya in these dates is a good option to get close to this celebration in Xcaret, with “Festival de vida y muerte” because you will see the beauty in every detail: music, plays, gastronomy, sculptures and so on. We strongly recommend you to go to this event, but be ready for the ocassion buying your tickets with anticipation since is very demmanded! many people for all over the world visit and even mexicans travel to Playa del Carmen just to see this magnificient event every year.

So you already know, if you have any question we are glad to help you, don’t loose the chance to see this incredible tradition in this time of the year, full of mysticism Dia de Los Muertos will like you!

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