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Puerto Morelos

 Puerto Morelos is a Mexican port city located on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is located between the Cancun and Playa del Carmen resorts of the Riviera Maya, but still retains part of its original character as a fishing village. The Arrecife National Park of Puerto Morelos has many deep-sea diving sites. The beaches on the coast are a turtle breeding area. In the interior there are the freshwater cenotes of Las Mojarras and Verde Lucero.

The Cenotes Route

Near Puerto Morelos there is an amazing corridor of cenotes that extends approximately 35 km in the direction of Leona Vicario. This corridor is better known as “The Route of the Cenotes” where you can find a wide variety of underground rivers connected to each other.

Among the activities you can do in these cenotes are: snorkeling, diving, zip-lining, cycling, rappel, all-terrain excursions, diving, and of course, relax in the middle of nature; In addition, on the way and inside the cenotes, you can find restaurants and souvenir shops. It is important to mention that some of them have entry costs that range from 80 pesos to 300 pesos per person.

Carrying out this route is very easy, all you have to do is pack your things, prepare your swimsuit, take the highway to Puerto Morelos and follow the signs that will guide you through the Ruta de los Cenotes.

KinHa is a fun day for the whole family. It involves touring two different cenotes, with several zip-lines over the water. This is a well-developed site, with restrooms, diving platforms, ATV trails and snack shacks. (20km from highway, then off-road)

Las Mojarras is one of the closer cenotes to town and has a hammock area where you can relax after a refreshing swim. The water isn’t as crystalline here compared to other cenotes–it looks more like an average lake, but still very pleasant. (12.2km from highway)

La Noria is accessed by a staircase with a platform and has a partial cavern. The limestone formations are stunning. There are basic bathrooms on-site. Watch for bats! (20km from highway, then off-road)

Cenote Zapote has great submerged formations and is worth checking out if you are an experienced cave diver. The other smaller cenotes clustered nearby offer jump-off platforms and zip-lines. (20km from the highway)

Siete Bocas is a true cylindrical cenote, with a staircase descending into the cenote’s mouth. The water is quite cool and refreshing. There are picnic facilities surrounding the cenote. (15km from the highway)

Croco Cun Zoo

In recent times, public attention turned towards animals in captivity, and Zoo’s aren’t the exception.

Croco Cun did not start as a zoo, however, our Riviera Maya destination ecological needs, have turned us into a very peculiar one. Most of the specimens have come to our home as donations, as well as rescues or seizures that the environmental authorities have placed under our care.

The residents of our zoo play an important role in the fauna conservation through education and interaction with our visitors.


There is no bad beach in Puerto Morelos! The beach stretches from just south of Hacienda Morelos Hotel north to the bottom tip of Cancun if you can walk that far. The beach near the town square has the most activity. This is where many of the locals go as well as where many of the snorkeling, and fishing boats moor. As you traverse the beach north towards Cancun, it gets less and less populated.

There is a beautiful section of undeveloped and uninhabited coastline just north of town, between the last few houses in Puerto and the Desire Pearl resort about a kilometer up the beach. This is a great stroll if you want to get away from it all.

The beach in Puerto Morelos is wide and flat and beautiful. You can sprawl out and set up shop practically anywhere. Usually there are local vendors strolling the beach selling fruit, food, pastries, jewelry, and other crafts along the main stretch of beach.


This aerial-adventure park is located about 22 km from Highway 307, on the “Ruta de los Cenotes,” on the way to the town of Leon Vicario. It’s easy to find if you are driving a rental car. Soar on a zip-line over the jungle canopy, splash through the mud in all-terrain vehicles, get your photo snapped with macaws and then cool off with a cenote swim.

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