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Akumal is still a tourist micro-destination that still retains its natural beauty. Swimming and snorkeling are excellent options in its coves, such as Kantena, Xaac, Half Moon Bay, however the most famous is known as the Yalku Lagoon, which is located 2 km north of the town. In Yalku there is an eye of fresh water in its rocky area, and in that environment a large number of colorful tropical fish live their youth away from predators.

Diving and watch turtles

Diving in the coasts of Akumal has a particularity since the morphology of the corals presents typical formations of caverns and canyons, creating "mountains" and structures inhabited by a great variety of marine fauna, and where it is common to find turtles that permanently swim in These areas of the Mexican Caribbean Sea.There is a Mayan shrine built on an island of rock in the cove of Xaac, which is a clear example of how the Mayans inhabited this site.In the population there is an Information Center on environmental issues, created by CEA (Centro Ecológico Akumal,) non-profit civil organization, whose main interest is to create ecological awareness to the inhabitants and visitors and ensure the environmental quality of the destination.

Akumal Monkey Sanctuary & Rescued Animals

Our sanctuary is a place where you can find a great variety of primates and other animals rescued. From the majestic and emblematic Spider Monkey, Lémures de Madagascar, to beautiful capuchin monkeys. One of our great achievements is to be the home of animals rescued and donated from various species besides primates, such as goats, deer and macaws.Come and have fun with them!
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