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Riviera Maya Travel Warning

Perhaps this subjet makes you feel unsafe but this time your intuition is wrong. Coming to Riviera Maya means coming to Mexico and normally¬† “travel warnings” overreact to the facts in every country. Speaking from a traveler experience we have noticed that mass media in general are sensationalist and just create a sense of fear in people.

We talk about this because is not a rare thing that visitors while enjoying the beach, tours, archaeological places, parks and so on, always speak out loud saying “I cannot believe what people think about this country from outside” and we are so happy to confirm that theory, Mexico is a beautiful country, safe and full of experiences depending what are you looking for.

This post is not about convince people to visit, is to reafirm and confirm that Riviera Maya has been, is and will be always a safe destination to visit alone, with friends, family or group, and even better, once you come for the first time, you will want to stay forever!


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