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Cenotes in Riviera Maya

Do you know what a Cenote is? well, acording to Wikipedia “A cenote is a natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath”.

These wonderful cenotes can be either open, semi-open or totally closed like caves (cavernous cenotes), you can find very deep cenotes where divers go to do scientific explorations,  and there are a lot in the Riviera Maya area, even some say that the whole Yucatán peninsula is over hundreds of underground rivers and cenotes, you can dig anywhere and may be a cenote underground!

When you come to visit, or decide to live in this amazing area, you should visit not only the cristal blue water beaches, cenotes are also an option! here you have a useful map to choose the best cenotes to explore.

Our favorites are Dos ojos and Cenote cristalino.

Our favorites are Dos ojos and Cenote cristalino.

Two things you need to know: You better use an approved biodegradable sunscreen to help us to preserve (most of commercial brands have harmful ingredients) the natural enviroment, and the second, cenotes are known for having cold waters, so mentalize yourself, also cold waters are good to relax your muscles!

About the driving distance, the nearest cenotes are 25 minutes away from Playa del Carmen and there are a few more a larger distance.

We recommed to ask to locals and friend which ones are their favorites and why, and then, plan your visits little by little.

P.S. Most of the cenotes have Mayan names, don’t worry for having problems to pronunciate them!

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