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Step 1

Can a foreigner buy in Mexico?
As a buyer you should always hire your own attorney instead of relying on an attorney of the seller or the estate company you are dealing with (even if the agency offers you the help of an attorney free of charge’).

Legally licensed attorneys in Mexico should have a 'cédula profesional',which is a registered license to practicelaw in Mexico.

Step 2

Next to your attorney the most important person in your property purchase will be the public notary.All estate transactions in Mexico have to be certified by a licensed public notary who is appointed directly by the State Governor. As a property buyer you have the right to choose a public notary for the estate transaction. The notary will ensure that all documents and permits are in order. He will check if the property has a ‘clean’ history,and that there are no liens on the land (like an unpaid mortgage).

Step 3

This process can vary depending on each individual case. Be sure to follow every step with complete documentation.
The seller also has to supply the original property deed, recent tax receipts and proof of the payment of public utility bills.

The seller needs to pay capital gains tax on the property purchase. For more details contact a Real Estate Advisor.